Metro Atlanta ISSA Chapter – What’s Lurking in Your Network?

Metro Atlanta ISSA Chapter

“What’s Lurking on your Network?” OSI Layer 1: A New Data source for Hardware Visibility and Cyber Risk Management. Metro Atlanta ISSA Chapter

About this event

Enterprises rely on hardware devices for network operations. The growing number of IoT devices, supply chain challenges, IT/OT convergence, and the ability to work from anywhere, significantly increases the number of devices connected to a network. Discovering devices based on their physical existence using OSI Layer 1 as a data source is a new approach to gaining full visibility and for understanding the risks of connected hardware devices.

Speaker Bio:

Kurt Wassersug of Sepio brings over 20 years of leadership experience and has worked in a myriad of cyber and InfoSec companies during his tenure. He has worked with some of largest global companies and has a deep understanding of operational and technical challenges security practitioners face. Kurt is a senior manager at Sepio, a company focused on providing complete visibility using Layer 1 of the OSI model. Layer 1 focuses on the existence of a device and can stop attacks instantly where traditional visibility tools use layer 2 (MAC) and layer 3+ (TCP/IP) network data to discover and identify devices. This is problematic as at Layers 2 and above, devices without a digital existence (passive taps, unmanaged switches, MiTM attacks or “spoofed” devices) go undetected.

Join us on September 29 at 7pm EST for the Metro Atlanta ISSA Chapter and find out what’s lurking in your network!

September 29th, 2022