ISSA Columbus, GA Chapter – What’s Lurking in Your Network?

ISSA Columbus State University event

“What’s Lurking on your Network?” OSI Layer 1: A New Data source for Hardware Visibility and Cyber Risk Management. ISSA Columbus GA Chapter

About this event

We’ll speak about how cyber-crime organizations and state sponsored actors exploit physical layer 1 “blind spots” to gain access to an organization’s most valuable assets.

With the most recent events in the news, it is safe to say that state sponsored cyber-attacks will be on the rise. Protecting our assets on all levels is more important than ever and often layer 1 protection gets overlooked in favor of the flashier exploits. Sepio wants to make sure that you don’t make that mistake. Sepio will explain how layer 1 blind spots provide opportunities for malicious actors to take advantage of our networks using malware injection, ransomware, and data leakage via rogue devices. 

Speaker Bio:

Kurt Wassersug of Sepio brings over 20 years of leadership experience and has worked in a myriad of cyber and InfoSec companies during his tenure. He has worked with some of largest global companies and has a deep understanding of operational and technical challenges security practitioners face. Kurt is a senior manager at Sepio, a company focused on providing complete visibility using Layer 1 of the OSI model. Layer 1 focuses on the existence of a device and can stop attacks instantly where traditional visibility tools use layer 2 (MAC) and layer 3+ (TCP/IP) network data to discover and identify devices. This is problematic as at Layers 2 and above, devices without a digital existence (passive taps, unmanaged switches, MiTM attacks or “spoofed” devices) go undetected.

Join us on November 17 at 5:30pm EST for the Metro Atlanta ISSA Chapter and find out what’s lurking in your network!

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November 17th, 2022