20 Minute Leaders – Bentsi Benatar, CMO and cofounder of Sepio

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Ep799: Bentsi Ben-Atar | Chief Marketing Officer, Sepio

💡 An addict of Discovery Channel Gold prospecting programs (i.e., Gold Rush)!

🧍 Bentsi Ben-atar is the Chief Marketing Officer of Sepio, and one of its co-founders. He has a strong intelligence community background and over 25 years of experience, winning multiple professional and innovation awards. Further, Bentsi has a BSC in Electrical Engineering and is a MBA Graduate. He is a hardware security expert, as well as an expert on Rogue Device Detection, supply chain attacks, internal abusers, and is a leader in Zero Trust Hardware Access. Bentsi Benatar leads Sepio’s marketing activities and boosts Sepio’s brand awareness.

April 29th, 2022