From Boomers to Zoomers, all are welcome to work at Sepio!

Sepio prides itself on being at the forefront of cyber innovation, as recently seen by us being named one of the Top Infosec Innovators for 2022. But we also pride ourselves on the people behind the scenes; those whose talents enable us to do what we do. We seek to create and foster a warm and inclusive work environment that is open to all. Whether you experienced the growth of the digital age, or you grew up with everything at the touch of a button (literally), everyone is welcome at Sepio!

So, let’s get to know some of our Boomer and Zoomer employees by asking them a couple of questions!  

Paul Totter (Boomer) 

Job: IT Specialist 

Location: Tel Aviv  

How long have you been working at Sepio?  

I started working as an IT Specialist at Sepio in February 2022. 

What does your role at Sepio entail?  

My role covers a lot of different bases, starting with employee onboarding and offboarding; making sure their accounts are set up, and that they have all the necessary tools to start working at Sepio.  

Another important part of my role is using our Asset DNA software so that we can identify each device on our network.  

What inspired you to pursue this role? 

In the summer of 2021, I left Arizona and decided to move to Israel. Naturally, one of the first things I had to do when arriving here was find a job. Having worked in the IT field for over 20 years (churches, offices, and manufacturers), I started looking for a high-tech job as I knew my skills would be of value there, and Israel is well known for its tech industry.  

Where do you see yourself in five years?  

I would break that down into two things: one, is that I hope to continue being a valued asset at Sepio and provide the best service possible; two, I would love to have travelled to Europe and gone to Slovenia as that is where my family originates from.

What is your approach to staying motivated at work?  

Honestly, the best motivator I can think of not having a job. When you get a job, you do your best to keep it and also be worth keeping. I do this by viewing all employees as my customers; they come to me for IT help, and I need to provide them with the best service possible to keep them working, as that’s what keeps the company running.  

What are the most formidable challenges you’ve had to face at Sepio? 

Learning how the cloud environment works was definitely challenging when I first started working here. Coming from working with local servers and local DNS made it challenging as I had to adapt to a new method of how things are done here. Overall, the concepts are the same, but where you implement them and how it’s done is different.  

Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy in your spare time?  

I like playing golf, but sadly it’s not very popular here in Israel as there is a slight space limitation. 

In terms of success, which accomplishments are you the proudest of?  

That is without a doubt raising my kids, being there for them and doing my best to keep a healthy work life balance when they were growing up. I’ve had great job offers in the past, but I turned them down because they would compromise my ability to be with my kids on the weekends. 

You never really know if you did a good job until they tell you, but I’m proud that I always put them first even when times were tough.  

What benefits do you enjoy the most about working at Sepio?  

Coming to Israel as a new immigrant is difficult and I’m super appreciative of how kind and helpful everyone at Sepio has been. It’s a very accommodating place and people are always ready to help me with the language barrier or navigating Israeli bureaucracy.  

Lastly, would you rather only be able to communicate in emojis or only text in old English?  

I would choose old English, because emojis can be easily misinterpreted.  

Great, thank you for answering these questions, Paul!  

No problem, any time!  

Nadav Ram (Zoomer) 

Job: QA Department Intern  

Location: Tel Aviv 

How long have you been interning with Sepio?  

I have had the pleasure of interning here for the past three months. 

What does your role at Sepio entail?  

As an intern at Sepio, I have been helping develop the primary infrastructure that automatically tests our product and assures its quality.  

What inspired you to pursue this internship?  

Honestly, I would have to say my father. He has worked in the cybersecurity industry for years and is very fond of it. And the fact that I grew up fascinated by computers really made me want to pursue this internship.   

Where do you see yourself in five years?  

I hope to see myself still working in the cybersecurity industry and continuing to improve and learn new skills. I also hope to be studying Computer Science at the Technion by that time.  

What are the most formidable challenges you’ve had to face at Sepio?  

Adjusting to the professional working environment and learning how to effectively communicate technical problems was challenging at times when I started at Sepio. However, my coworkers are always there to help and explain anything that I might not understand; it really has been a great learning environment for me.  

Do you have any secret talents we don’t know about?  

Haha, not really; I can only think about my ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube decently fast.  

In terms of success, which accomplishment are you the proudest of?  

Seeing firsthand the hard work I put into learning how to code is gratifying; not only did it give me a new practical skill, but it also helped me land this internship. I guess spending all that time inside coding paid off, even though I might have a slight vitamin D deficiency because of it.  

What benefits do you enjoy the most about working at Sepio? 

I really enjoy the view from our office and all the natural light that shines in; now, I don’t have to worry about any vitamin D deficiency. But in all seriousness, the office is a great work environment, and the ability to work from home offers great flexibility.  

Lastly, would you rather only be able to communicate in emojis or only text in old English?

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Nadav!

December 13th, 2022