Captain RDM – Episode #13 – Retailer’s Nightmare

Excited to go shopping for the new Fall collection? Watch what happens when your credit card details get stolen because your favorite store has been hacked by a #BadUSB​. Don’t worry, once again our super hero, Captain RDM knows what to do to save the day and put the criminal behind bars.

Sepio’s solution provides the Layer 1 visibility required for ZTHA. The HAC-1 solution calculates a digital fingerprint of all hardware assets (IT/OT/IoT), meaning every device gets detected for what it truly is, not just what it claims to be. Such visibility allows for the effective enforcement of the ZT security protocols, thereby enhancing the overall ZT approach. Additionally, the comprehensive policy enforcement mechanism of the HAC-1 solution, combined with its Rogue Device Mitigation capability, means that any unapproved or rogue hardware is blocked instantly, preventing any hardware-based attacks from occurring.

With HAC-1, retailers are protected on Layer 1, and existing cybersecurity investments are put to better use thanks to greater visibility.

August 24th, 2020