Captain RDM – Episode #10 – Human manipulation

It doesn’t matter how much you harden your security measures, the humans behind the machines will still be vulnerable to human manipulation – our beloved CISO was smart enough to deploy our HAC-1 solution, so all that is left for our hero to do is collect them and show the CISO that his budget was well spent! Worried about Rogue Devices? Talk to us!

Follow the never ending adventures of our superhero as he confronts cyber crime, state sponsored activities, internal abusers and supply chain attacks.

Your employees probably don’t even know the extent of the damage they can do to your organization. Let them know just how scary they can be! But because we can’t always rely on other people, an alternative, which is favored by 43% of businesses, is to use more sophisticated IT security software. Yes, another hole in your wallet. But at least you can put a price on it. What is the price of your security being breached? That’s right, you can never know until it happens, so it’s probably better to prevent it than to mitigate it.

HAC-1 to the rescue

Sepio’s Hardware Access Control provides a solution to this problem. HAC-1’s capabilities have resulted in a real-life use case where a client used the software to find a loophole to the issue at hand. HAC-1 provides organizations with complete visibility of all hardware assets within their infrastructure, including remote devices. In doing so, HAC-1 uses Physical Layer fingerprinting technology and Machine Learning to calculate a digital fingerprint from the electrical characteristics of all devices and compares them against known vulnerable and Rogue Devices. Additionally, the solution allows the system administrator to define a strict, (more granular), set of rules for the system to enforce.

When a device breaches the pre-set policy, HAC-1 automatically instigates a mitigation process that instantly blocks unapproved, or Rogue hardware, provided the software is in ARM mode. This is where the loophole comes in. With these administrative benefits, our client blocked all peripherals by setting the solution in ARM mode for the specific employee’s, or should we say ex-employee’s, device. Doing so rendered the machine useless. So whether they were a malicious actor or just a careless one, there were zero risks of a hardware attack originating from their device.

August 16th, 2020