Webinar: Best Practices for Asset Risk Management in Hospitals 

Join us on November 2 for an insightful webinar where cyber security experts, Bonnie Stith, and Joseph Steinberg will discuss best practices for asset risk management in hospitals.

Medical cybersecurity experts navigate a challenging environment when managing the risk of their networked IT assets.

Bonnie Stith and Joseph Steinberg are two of the foremost cyber security experts that have helped a wide range of private, public, and government organizations navigate changing threat landscapes.

In this discussion, you will learn best practices for how to understand and manage your asset risk.

* How IT asset risks have evolved
* What factors to consider in gaining asset visibility
* Optimizing mitigation when health outcomes are at stake
* How to structure your teams to manage your risk

Have questions? We will include plenty of time for a Q+A with Bonnie and Joseph.

November 2nd, 2022