Network and Peripherals Assets Visibility

Network and Peripherals

In today’s complex IT landscape, having complete and accurate visibility into network and peripherals devices is paramount for ensuring robust hardware security.

Traditional visibility tools often fall short in detecting devices without a digital existence, leaving enterprises vulnerable to potential threats. To address this challenge, a comprehensive solution like Sepio’s HAC-1 Hardware Access Control is necessary to provide organizations with the necessary insights for mitigating risks and securing their hardware infrastructure effectively.

Uncover Hidden Network and Peripherals and Enhance Visibility

HAC-1 Hardware Access Control, developed by Sepio, is a leading solution that revolutionizes hardware security. By uncovering hidden hardware attacks operating over network and USB interfaces. By collecting Physical Layer Visibility information from network switches and endpoints, HAC-1 enables continuous real-time visibility of all network and peripherals devices within the environment. No additional hardware deployment is required, as HAC-1 offers accurate detection, control, and risk mitigation for all devices.

Achieving Comprehensive Visibility

Enterprises face significant challenges in gaining accurate visibility into their Network and Peripherals hardware assets, especially in today’s complex IT/OT/IoT environment. However, achieving ultimate visibility into hardware assets is essential for effective hardware security measures. Sepio leads the way in providing comprehensive visibility, control, and mitigation of hardware assets. Regardless of their characteristics and connection interfaces.

Benefits of HAC-1 Hardware Access Control Implementation

Implementing HAC-1 for Network and Peripherals for assets visibility offers a range of benefits for enterprises seeking to strengthen their hardware security:

Complete Visibility of all Hardware Assets: With HAC-1, enterprises gain full visibility into all hardware devices. Including endpoint peripherals and connected devices (IT/OT/IoT). Leveraging unique physical layer hardware fingerprinting technology and data augmentation from endpoints and networks, Sepio ensures all devices and anomalies are detected, resulting in a stronger overall cybersecurity posture.

Full Control through Predefined Policies: HAC-1 enables the implementation of enterprise-wide policies that facilitate compliance, regulation, and best practices. With predefined templates and no baselining or whitelisting requirements, setting up HAC-1 is fast and straightforward, ensuring seamless integration into existing environments.

Rogue Device Mitigation (RDM): HAC-1 offers threat mitigation upon the discovery of rogue or threatening devices. Integration with existing security platforms such as Network Access Control (NAC) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) systems enhances the mitigation and remediation capabilities. Further fortifying the hardware security infrastructure.

See every known and shadow asset. Prioritize and mitigate risks.
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April 18th, 2021