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Complete Network and Peripheral Visibility-Brief

Complete Network and Peripheral Visibility

Complete and accurate visibility into network and peripheral devices is crucial. Network visibility is a foundational element of an IT organization. As devices exponentially increase, enterprises struggle to know with full confidence what is connected to their network. Traditional visibility tools use Layer 2 (MAC) and Layer 3 (TCP/IP) network data to discover and identify their devices. This is problematic as at Layers 2 and above, devices without a digital existence, such as passive taps, unmanaged switches, MiTM attack tools or ‘spoofed’ devices go undetected. Enterprises lack 100% asset visibility. Absent of an examination of Layer 1, IT organizations do not have all of the information necessary to mitigate risk coming from their hardware infrastructure – you cant secure what you can’t see.

Find out how our HAC-1 can help you with your visibility, policy enforcement, and Rogue Device Mitigation challenges.

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April 18th, 2021