Supply Chain Risk Management: The Importance of Physical Layer Visibility

supply chain risk management

In the realm of supply chain risk management, having clear and unobscured visibility at the physical layer (L1) is crucial. This visibility provides organizations with a comprehensive picture of all hardware assets connected to their network. Ensuring that they can effectively manage supply chain risks. Unfortunately, many organizations lack this essential visibility, leaving them vulnerable to security threats and potential operational disruptions.

Without proper visibility, organizations are unable to track hardware discrepancies that may arise from various vendors in the supply chain. This lack of control poses significant security risks that can have severe consequences. To address these challenges, organizations must prioritize physical layer visibility and its role in supply chain risk management.

By investing in physical layer visibility, organizations can reap three key benefits. First, they gain the ability to identify and mitigate security risks associated with hardware assets. Second, they can enhance their overall supply chain resilience by proactively addressing vulnerabilities. Finally, having unobscured visibility enables organizations to prevent operational disruptions that may result from compromised hardware.

To fully understand the advantages of managing supply chain risks through physical layer visibility, read the full article. Discover the three ways in which this approach can benefit your organization and safeguard your supply chain against potential threats.

Visibility at the physical layer (L1) provides a clear and unobscured picture of all hardware assets connected to your network. With countless vendors making up the supply chain (none of which an organization has control over) ensuring you have this clear visibility is paramount. Unfortunately, organizations lack such visibility. Their current efforts are not enough. Any hardware discrepancies brought in through the supply chain will go unaccounted for, which is a massive security risk that may even lead to operational disruptions. 

Read the full article to learn three ways in which managing supply chain risks with physical layer visibility can benefit the organization.  

September 8th, 2022