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Rogue devices, often associated with the realm of SpyTech, are stealthy pieces of hardware that frequently elude detection by IT security teams. These nefarious devices have been tampered with by hackers with the intent to target assets within a network of interest. Rogue devices are engineered to exploit their Ethernet or USB interfaces (Bad USB) in order to achieve their malicious objectives. This unsettling category includes modified peripherals like cameras, chargers, mice, and keyboards, turning them into powerful tools for covert cyber-espionage.

One of the most unsettling aspects of rogue devices is their operation at the physical layer of a network. This characteristic poses a formidable challenge to traditional security tools, rendering them ineffective in detecting the presence of these insidious infiltrators. Their covert modus operandi places security teams on the defensive. Especially when safeguarding critical assets, as is glaringly evident in the financial sector, including banks. In response to this growing threat, SpyTech solutions have emerged as essential tools for identifying and mitigating these covert network intrusions.

Bentsi Ben-Atar is an expert on Rogue Device Detection and supply chain attacks. With over 25 years of experience, and a strong intelligence community background. In this episode, he shares stories and anecdotes about the things he has witnessed and the challenges that gadgets encounter. It’s a captivating discussion that might just leave you feeling a bit more paranoid before it concludes.

Bentsi ben-Atar
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December 29th, 2021