Path of Startups

Path of Startups

“Going down this path of startups really takes somebody who doesn’t have fear”

Following his appointment as Chairman of the Board of Sepio, Lane Bess joins CTech to discuss his journey from startups to outer space. When Lane Bess was appointed Chairman of the Board at Israeli cybersecurity company Sepio, he was holding a rubber ducky with the company’s logo on it. The ducky represented a new moment in a career for Bess that had spanned 30 years, starting from corporate ventures at AT&T to today, where he advises startups on how to scale and go to market.

He also happened to be holding the rubber ducky while in space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin ship.

Bess, explained that his involvement in startups reflects a fearless approach to opportunities. He secured the space trip after an auction and developed a friendship with Jeff Bezos, enjoying an 11-minute ride into outer space. Despite extending the invitation to his family, only his 23-year-old son Cameron joined him, making them the only parent/child duo in space. They are among the last individuals recognized as astronauts by the Federal Aviation Administration due to the conclusion of a program awarding ‘Commercial Space Astronaut Wings.’

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Cybersecurity Startups

Cybersecurity startups play a crucial role in addressing the ever-evolving threats in the digital landscape.
Sepio focuses on assisting security teams in managing the risk associated with their constantly growing and unregulated network of connected assets. The Sepio platform is designed to alleviate the burden of complications, noise, and costs for IT departments. Sepio ensures that all assets, regardless of their connection source, location, or usage, do not compromise the cybersecurity and operational efficiency of security and IT teams.

January 30th, 2022