Eleven Tips To Help Consumers Protect Themselves From Hackers

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With the explosion of the Internet of Things, consumers have access to everything from smartphones to smart fridges. These interconnected devices may make life more convenient—but they may also leave users more vulnerable to IoT security vulnerabilities.

As new smart technologies enable data to move more freely across networks and devices, users must be equally smart about how they defend their data against hackers. Below, 11 Forbes Technology Council members share their top IoT cybersecurity tips for everyday consumers. Follow their advice to ensure you are keeping your devices—and yourself—as protected as possible.

Adopt your own home version of “micro-segmentation” and limit IoT devices to a “need-to-access” basis only. Other than that, the obvious steps are changing default passwords and changing the device’s name so it is less easily recognizable. If you buy a second-hand device, make sure to factory reset it to avoid ghost settings. Try to buy from a reputable vendor to avoid the risks of BadUSB implants. – Bentsi Benatar, Sepio

February 13th, 2022