Cybersecurity Cost Reduction Methods

Risk Management

Reducing cybersecurity costs while maintaining a robust security posture is a critical challenge for many organizations. Achieving this balance requires strategic planning and efficient resource management.

The pressure on enterprises is increasing to scrutinize spending budgets and gain control of their expenses. Including IT and security vendor spending. For example, market research company Forrester suggests that technology leaders should be prepared to justify their IT spending, implement effective risk management strategies, and prove their business value.
Thankfully, Sepio’s Asset Risk Management (ARM) solution provides several benefits for enterprises seeking to take control of their overall spending. These include (1) painless deployment, (2) consolidation of IT resources, (3) human resource efficiency, (4) infinite scalability, and (5) prevention of compliance breach costs. 

Risk Assessment and Prioritization

Identify and prioritize risks based on their potential impact and likelihood. Focus resources on mitigating high-risk vulnerabilities. Allocate budget and resources according to the criticality of assets and the severity of threats.

Sepio’s Asset Risk Management (ARM) platform sees, assesses, and secures all known and shadow assets at any scale. Sepio is scalable to protect the entire asset management infrastructure as fast and often as anyone, anywhere connects any assets to the company’s network endpoints.

Deploy Painlessly

Sepio’s Asset Risk Management solution is easily and painlessly deployed without changing the way the network is based. Using minimal resources, enterprises can get Sepio up and running within 24 hours without affecting their network configuration. IT teams do not have to take systems offline or modify anything. Thus, eliminating downtime and depleting financial loss of enterprise core revenue during the (very short) deployment period. Enterprises can benefit from Sepio as a product rather than a project as it saves costs and time. 

Consolidate IT Resources

Sepio provides a holistic view of all devices in an organization. From IoT to IT to OT, all in one view. Sepio’s agnostic device visibility means that one view shows the risk coming from hardware assets. Regardless of their functionality or operability. 

If enterprises already have incumbent security tools in place, Sepio can augment their value and increase efficiency. For example, Sepio integrates seamlessly with third-party tools, such as ITAM and CMDB. Sepio’s deep visibility acts as an additional data source to fill gaps in information and generate a complete and accurate asset inventory.

Eliminate Redundancy and Technical Waste 

With precise insight into assets, enterprises can save millions of dollars on technical waste, eliminating redundancy in assets or systems reliant on said assets. Overall, with Sepio’s risk management capabilities, enterprises can be more cost effective and efficient, gaining better control of their spending. 

Before using Sepio, some leading financial institution customers lacked knowledge as to how many assets they had. Their “guestimate” of 500,000 showed a huge margin of error vs. Sepio’s actual discovery of one million assets! Using Sepio, enterprises gain greater and more accurate visibility, thus saving money on having to purchase or replace hardware devices and peripherals. 

Automation and Orchestration

Due to its easy-to-use interface, Sepio does not require hiring expensive specialists or additional personnel. After undergoing brief training, enterprises using Sepio can easily operate the solution. 

Sepio’s SaaS-based platform uses machine learning to automate processes and expedite business outcomes. Eliminating the need for resource-draining risk analysis, Sepio automates risk prioritization and preventative risk management mitigation.

Enable Infinite Scalability

Since Sepio sees a fraction of a fraction of the data volume, it enables massive scale and averts data swamps requiring extensive analytics from being created. Sepio assesses any enterprise asset, with any traffic, at any scale. Whether an organization scales from ten devices to a million, Sepio sees it all and is not constrained by the size of an enterprise or its networks. Having an automated asset risk management solution that is easy to implement and configure saves considerable IT development time. Obviously, this factors into budget planning and financial feasibility calculations. 

Prevent & Mitigate Compliance Non-Conformance

Detecting and mitigating compliance non-conformance caused by hardware assets can save enterprises thousands or millions of dollars in security compliance fines. By focusing on device existence rather than device activity, Sepio’s technology differentiator detects and manages risk, even when the hardware device is quiet. This prevents IT nightmares and compliance and privacy issues. 

Cybersecurity Cost Reduction Methods
Cost Reduction Methods

Empowering Enterprises for Resilience and Cost Reduction

With Sepio, enterprises not only have better control of their IT and cyber security expenditure. They also can reach a quick Return on Investment (ROI). Using Sepio’s holistic and proactive asset risk management platform, enterprises gain resilient infrastructure and security, in terms of finance, operations and compliance (ROI Calculator for IT Asset Management).  

When choosing an asset risk management solution, enterprises should consider the total cost ownership (TCO) and how quickly one can deploy to fully address the immediate problem. When selecting a solution that is dependent on up and down stream feeds to provide complete visibility, the true cost of a long-term management strategy has to take these costs into consideration. Making most solutions on the market more expensive to deploy and maintain. 

Using Sepio’s unparalleled Asset Risk Management solution, enterprises will benefit financially in the short and long-term. Investing in Sepio’s platform helps enterprises provide accountability for their IT and security vendor spending. Ultimately reducing costs and resources over time.

See every known and shadow asset. Prioritize and mitigate risks.
Talk to an expert. It will help you understand how to use Sepio’s patented technology to gain control of your asset risks.

October 4th, 2022