Securing shadow IT assets from the cloud to the network’s edge, Sepio raises $22M

Securing shadow IT assets

When it comes to security, you can’t protect assets that you don’t see. Unfortunately, in an era of hybrid cloud adoption and remote working, shadow IT assets are all over the place, in the form of apps, IoT devices, and cloud instances.

These assets are all left vulnerable to threat actors, which is why many providers are seeking to streamline the discovery and management of these assets.

We are proud to announce that we have raised $22 million as part of a series B funding round for our Asset Risk Management Platform, which provides security teams with the visibility to continuously manage known and unknown shadow assets, and assign them an Asset Risk Factor. 

The new funding round brings Sepio’s total funding raised to $37 million and provides an approach to secure shadow IT assets that often slip under the radar of traditional security approaches. 

November 6th, 2022