Core Technology Platform Architect

R&D @ Tel Aviv

Sepio is a fast-growing start-up in the cybersecurity domain, founded by some serious industry veterans. We are building the first hardware access control platform that provides unparalleled visibility and control of IT/OT/IoT devices. Through its Zero Trust approach, HAC-1 mitigates several security threats, such as those emanating from BYODs, insiders and the supply chain. Sepio’s physical layer fingerprinting technology discovers all managed, unmanaged, and hidden devices that are otherwise invisible to existing security and asset visibility tools. We have an excellent combination of unique products and just all-around great people.

Core Technology Platform Architect @ Tel Aviv

We are currently in search of a Core Technology Platform Architect to lead the product architecture and roadmap; lead research around our patent-pending engine that identifies low-level threats and rogue devices; lead implementation across multiple teams, following agile methodologies.
You will be a part of our growing team in Tel Aviv (Rakevet Merkaz), and work from home twice a week.


  • Run research projects and POCs ~ 50% of teams’ time. 50% hands on.
  • Design and build a multi-layered backend system that aggregates agents’ data to enable smart big-data/ML algorithms and policy-based control.
  • Design and build an agent that runs across organization’s hosts (Win, Linux, Mac, Mobile), identifies issues, and blocks them.
  • Apply best CI/CD methodologies across the SDLC: containerized deployment, K8S, automation etc.
  • Act as a technical focal point and mentor for R&D on OS internals, SecOps and cyber-security best practices.


  • 5+ years of experience in writing C/C++: Win32, POSIX, kernel.
  • 3+ years of experience with C#/.NET-Core in cross-OS architecture.
  • 3+ years of experience in writing scalable backend services in microservices/SOA architecture.
  • SQL / NoSQL proficiency.
  • Excellent understanding of OS internals and networking.
  • Significant experience developing cyber security products’ technology / pentest / hacking.
  • Passionate, innovative, and thorough: research, invent and implement!
  • BSc/MSc in computer science / electrical engineering, or equivalent.


  • Deep understanding of networking products: switches, firewalls, data-center management etc.
  • Hacking and pen-testing experience.
  • PostreSQL; Kafka; Redis.
  • Experience building scalable cloud-based backends: Azure/AWS/GCP.
  • Understanding of Agile principles and methodologies.


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